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Modifications to Orders After Divorce in Arizona

It is only natural for life to change in major ways in the months and years following a divorce. Whereas your life as a married person may have been headed very decidedly in one direction, everything may now be different. It is not uncommon to consider a career change, or a move to another city or state. Your social situation has shifted. You most likely have different financial obligations. And perhaps you even meet someone new. Beyond the changes that you choose to make yourself, life may have thrust unwanted changes upon you, such as with a job loss, a major medical event, or the need to move in order to support an ailing family member. Life happens.

When the terms of the court orders that you received at the conclusion of your divorce have become onerous and are now presenting a major barrier to your success and happiness, you can come to McKay Law for help. Our team may be able to help you petition the court for a formal modification to prior orders concerning child custody, visitation, child support, or alimony.

Don't take chances with your request for a modification by attempting to handle the matter on your own. Let McKay Law advocate on your behalf and present a compelling argument to the judge.

Bring your case to us for an initial consultation to discuss the matter and learn whether you may have grounds to request a post-decree modification.