Finding the Right Lawyer at the Right Time


Not every lawyer is right for every case. When prospective clients call McKay Law it is because they want a skilled and experienced attorney.

When the Case Is Important to You

Choose a lawyer who shares your sense of urgency. Whether you are suing or being sued, plaintiff or defendant, a lawsuit can rapidly become an important defining event in your history. So choose an attorney who will fight for you with urgency. 

Choose a lawyer who communicates and is responsive. The American Bar Association consistently warns lawyers that lack of communication and responsiveness is the number one complaint consumers have about lawyers. Lack of communication makes a case more difficult, time consuming, and more expensive. Choose a lawyer who calls you back or returns emails within 24 hours. 

Choose a lawyer who will fight to enforce your rights. If you have a contract with a much larger company, for example, you need representation that stands up to the challenge and is clearly on your side in every conference, every negotiation, and every moment in a courtroom. 

Choose a lawyer who knows Arizona laws and courts.

Choosing the Right Lawyer For Your Case

  1. Ask for a consultation.
  2. Find out the fees.
  3. Is he/she familiar with the law in your state?
  4. How experienced is he/she with your particular situation.
  5. Will there be someone to contact after hours in case of emergencies?

Overall, how comfortable were you with the experience of meeting your potential lawyer? If it was not good, move on. You are going to be spending a lot of time with both your attorney and their team. Thus, finding the right fit is essential to helping you reach the outcome you desire.

About Michael McKay

I started McKay Law to provide client focused and result driven legal services. After practicing law for many years at a large law firm, I learned that not every case requires an army of lawyers. Many cases are more effectively handled by a single experienced lawyer overseeing every aspect of the work.

We Fight For You

We represent people from across the country in retirement plan actions, consumer class actions, and all types of personal injury actions. We've recovered over $1 billion for our clients.