Class Action


A class action is a lawsuit brought by individuals or entities on behalf of a larger group who've been injured or damaged by similar products, fraud, or unlawful conduct.  By allowing class members to bring one collective lawsuit, a class action makes it efficient and economical to sue a large company or institution—even if the damage to each class member is small or it would be too difficult or expensive to sue on your own. A class action allows members to stand stronger together, whether they are a few or a few thousand. 

McKay Law represents plaintiffs in class actions in many fields, including:

  • Financial services;
  • Consumer protection;
  • Securities and derivative actions.

McKay Law founder, Mike McKay, has represented classes of individuals, businesses, and government agencies in state and federal courts across the country. He has successfully recovered over $500 million in class actions for his clients.

About Michael McKay

I started McKay Law to provide client focused and result driven legal services. After practicing law for many years at a large law firm, I learned that not every case requires an army of lawyers. Many cases are more effectively handled by a single experienced lawyer overseeing every aspect of the work.

We Fight For You

We represent people from across the country in retirement plan actions, consumer class actions, and all types of personal injury actions. We've recovered over $1 billion for our clients.